The fur:

The fur of a Coton is between 10-20 centimetres. It is slightly waved with a structure like cotton. The colour is white. Some has brown, black or grey marks. The marks are often stronger on puppies, since the marks often disappear totally or partly as a grown dog.

A Coton does not shed like other breeds. The fur consists only of outer fur and no under fur. This is also the reason that the Coton is called an allergy kind dog, which makes it possible for allergics to have a Coton.

However the Coton also demands a lot taking care of the fur. If the Coton is not brushed the fur will filt. Filt is created of the loose hairs that still sit in the fur. These loose hairs need to be brushed out of the fur.


Grooming is part of owning a Coton. This is why it is important to take time to groom the dog and you should think about whether you have time and extra energy for this before choosing this breed.

This being said it does not have to be that complicated. With the right techniques and tools it is a good start.

Make sure that your Coton is getting used to being brushed from when it is just a puppy. This will make it easier when the fur gets more demanding to groom. This will also become a small time of cosiness that you will be able to enjoy both dog and owner.

Spending 10 to 15 minutes each day will be enough to groom a Coton and it will always be soft and groomed.

Dirt, sand and sticks are easily removable with a brush and some water. Loose hair is removed with a brush a couple of times per week or more often. In the period when the dog is between ½ and 1½ year you have to be extra careful with the grooming, since this is the period where the Coton changes from having the fur of a puppy to the fur of a grown dog. In this period the fur will filter a lot, especially behind the ears and the inside of the legs.


It is very important not to brush in a dirty fur, since this will cause the hairs to crack. Wash your dog when needed. Many recommend washing it once a month and even more often when changing fur. There are many good dog shampoos on the market, which makes it possible to wash the dog quite often.

Brigitte Jespersen and Jette Sydendal have written this amazing book, where everything about brushing and grooming is described.

In the book it is possible to read about:

-Which brushed, combs, shampoos etc to use.

-How to wash and dry your Coton

 -How to groom the dog, step by step

-How to deal with filter and dirty fur

-much more

The book provides many great tools on how to keep the fur beautiful. There are many people who want to keep the fur looking good, but they just do not know how to do it. It is quite a science with all the products, brushes and shampoos on the market to find “the tools”. Brigitte has collected the brushed and products that she finds most necessary for the fur of the Coton. She also provides a guide on how to use them.

I follow the recommendations from the book and could not be without it in my daily grooming of the dogs.

Puppies from Pilgaards Coton will be provided with this book when they leaves home.

Of course there will also be a thoroughly instruction when visiting the puppies, just like I offer a course on grooming for the new dog owners, when the puppies are around 7 months.

REMEMBER: There is no shame in asking for help about grooming your dog. It is a shame not to.


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