Køb af hvalp fra Kennel Pilgaards Coton

Home breeding of puppies at Kennel Pilgaards Coton.

The puppies are bred according to the F.C.I. standards as well as the ethical recommendations of DKK and KSS. Both parenting dogs have as a minimum been exhibited with a Very Good review, checked by a veterinary for Patella Luxation as well as having an eye check every year. (See which diseases the parenting dogs have been checked for under the tab Puppy Plans.)

Both parenting dogs have a DKK pedigree and the puppies come with a DKK pedigree as well as a registration in Dansk Hunderegister.

It is “home breeding”, when I breed puppies. The puppies become a part of the family all 8 weeks here. They are allowed to be everywhere in the house when they are ready.

The puppies are born and live in a room right next to the kitchen and the licing room. This means that they become part of the family and they get used to the noises in the house.

When they are able to move around and feel safe, they have possibility to stay with the rest of the family in the house. Ususally they end up sleeping under couches and tables in the house.

When the puppies are about 5 weeks old, the buyers are invited to visit. Here we get the opportunity to see each other and figure out whether the trade should continue.

When the puppies are about 6 weeks I start teaching them how to stand on the table and being brushed. They get their nails cut and I check them in the mouth, so they learn that it is not dangerous to get their teeth checked. At the same time they start to go outside. How many times depends much on time of the year. I learn them to pee on the grass, and my experience has learned me that when they are 8 weeks they are on their way learning to stay clean.

Socializing is very important to me, and the puppies will meet many different people. They will get used to the everyday noise in the house – kitchen machines, the vacuum cleaner, the door bell, loud voices etc. to vacuum and wash the floor is usually fun for the dogs and they like to help.

They experience the garden in which they are allowed to play and have fun. They meet neighbours and other dogs. They have also tried driving in a car and meeting strangers.

I usually bring them to my work place for a day. That is a very good experience both for the puppies, but also my colleagues look much forward to this visit.

Vaccine of the puppy

The puppies will have their vaccine at the veterinary when they are about 7 weeks old, and at the same time they get a regular health check.

They need to get a vaccine again when they are 12 and 16 weeks old to be fully covered.

Feeding the puppy:

When buying a puppy at Pilgaards Coton, you will receive a thorough guidance in feeding and products that I recommend for the puppy. Furthermore you will receive some food for puppies for the first couple of weeks.

There is so much good food for dogs on the market. Unfortunately there are also many poor products on the market.

It is very important that the puppy gets some good food which contains the vitamins and minerals for it to be able to grow properly.

When buying a puppy at Pilgaards Coton you will receive the following

The puppy has been marked with chip

The puppy has recived Heartworm Cure twice

The puppy has received a puppy vaccine

The puppy has had a health check by the veterinary. You will receive a health book.

DKK pedigree

Registered in Dansk Hunderegister

Puppy food and snacks for the first 14 days

A piece of a blanket or a toy that smells of mom and siblings

The book Pelspleje og Pasning af Coton De Tulear

Contact with me as a breeder during the whole life of the dog

Guidance in feeding the dog, leaving the dog home alone, how to keep the dog clean, poisonous food etc.

Offer on a free grooming course at my place when the puppy is about 7 months old


Pilgaards Coton
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