Dental care

The last couple of years much focus have been pointed to the importance of keeping the teeth of the dog clean and without tartar. It has been more common to brush the teeth of your dog. Dog creates tartar the same way as humans. If this is not kept clean by brushing the teeth, it can develop into infections of the gums and paradontose. If a dog develops tartar, it cannot be removed by regular brushing of the teeth. It can only be removed by the veterinary by using ultrasound, which typically requires the dog to be in general anaesthesia.

It is important to accustom the dog to be checked in the mouth and brushing teeth daily as a natural part of hygiene. Chewing bones are something that the dog should always have as a part of their collection of toys. It stimulates the gums and keeping the tartar down to a minimum.

Be extra attendant of changing teeth when the dogs are about 5 months. Their gums will itch a lot, which means that the dog needs toy and chewing bones for it to scratch the gums with. Furthermore you should be aware that some puppies do not loose the puppy teeth and that it can be necessary to make the veterinary pull them out. It is important to be aware of this, since it could result in the dog getting a wrong bite for the rest of its life.


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