Do I need to cut the fur of my Coton?

No a Coton does not need to get its fur cut. However many choose to cut the fur of their Coton so it looks like a teddy. The fur underneath the feet needs to be cut quite often. Some people also cut it around the paws if it gets too long.


The puppy will get a vaccine when it is 7 weeks old. After this the puppy needs to have a vaccine again when being 12 and 16 weeks old.

The dog gets a vaccine every year. Some vaccines can last for several years. Talk with your veterinary about it. It also depends whether the dog is brought abroad or if it is exhibited.


They change teeth at about 5 months. Check your puppy every day and be aware that especially the teeth in the corners of the mouth fall out when new teeth begin to appear. Do not hesitate to contact the veterinary and get him to pull out the teeth if they are not loose. It could result in a wring bite if you wait too long. Feel free to contact me if you are in doubt and I will offer you my best guidance and advice.

Keeping clean?

At Pilgaards Coton I try to get the puppies out every time they are awake the last 14 days by me. By doing this I introduce them to being outdoor when peeing.

A small tip:

When you come home with your puppy, then put it in the garden where you want it to go peeing in the future. If this is the first thing you do before taking it inside, you have already told it where to go when peeing. This is a good start.

Silence during night?

I have very good experience with my own dogs and the puppies I have had more than 8 weeks, by letting them sleep in a transport box or something else where they feel safe and that they cannot leave themselves.

When the puppy whines and needs to pee you have to take it outside. Take it out for a short period and back into the transport box. A dog does not want to pee in its own bed and you avoid pools on the floor. One week is usually enough to learn the dog to sleep throughout the night.

How often do I need to wash the dog?

This is very individual. When the dog is dirty. Use a good shampoo and balm.

What does the puppy need to eat and how much?

The puppy needs different grams of food depending on weight and age. It is usually described on the packaging of the food. The puppy needs puppy food until it is about 9 months old before it translates to eating adult food.


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