Coton De Tuleàr or as we call it in Danish – The Cotton Dog.

Coton De Tuleàr comes from the island Madagascar and bears the name of the city Tulear. Cotton is among other grown at the island, why we call it The Cotton Dog.

The dog was introduced in Denmark around 1990.

Description of breed:

Coton De Tuleàr is a very intelligent, bright and easy learning dog. It is a family dog, which loves the family and familiar surroundings. It is a healthy and strong breed, which is capable of taking long walks. It seems like it is never getting tired and it is happy to play in the garden even after a long walk. It loves to play with the members of the family but is also glad to play by its own.

The fur only consists of outer fur, which is easy to keep if you brush the dog often, eather every day or every second day. A puppy changing fur needs extra brushing. There are no periods where the dogs shed hair.

The fur is mostly white, but shampagne or grey spots on the ears are allowed. The size varies from 22-28 cm. weight 3,5-6 kilos. The ratio between height and length is 2:3.

See the full description of the breed at F.C.I’s website here.


Pilgaards Coton
Dorthe Pilgaard
Forsythiavej 47, 6740 Bramming
Email: kontakt@pilgaards-coton.dk
Phone : +45 29 20 20 53