Sejer Milland Hermione

Sejer Milland Hermione - aka Paya

Daughter of Bartok Du Castel De La Roche Aux Fe & Sejer Milland Fiona.

Paya is a wonderful happy dog. She is always happy. It always looks like she is smiling and then she also fawns her whole body.

She has many names in the family, Paya, Paysen, Happy, Trunte, Perleøje and much more.

She is very motherly, which can be seen by the way she daily licks the other dogs in the face to keep them clean.

She rarely looks like she has just been washed or brushed. After being brushed and having her fur done she always tests it by shaking really well. And then it does not look like she has just been brushed. However Paya is really happy and that is most important.


Born: 07.04.2008

Healt informations:

Patella luxation 1/0

Eyetested without notice


Pilgaards Coton
Dorthe Pilgaard
Forsythiavej 47, 6740 Bramming
Phone : +45 29 20 20 53