Forsikring af hvalpen

Even though you receive a healthy and happy dog you can never be to safe. The dog can get sick for many reasons. It can have an infection, get stung by a bee, have puppy teeth that will not fall out, get bitten by another dog, get hit by a car and much more.

Therefore I recommend you to get a health insurance for your puppy. It can be very expensive to visit the veterinary and a health insurance can help cover up to 80 % of the bill at the veterinary.

I recommend Agria Dyreforsikring, if you do not have health insurance at your personal insurance company. I will be more than helpful to get the insurance so the puppy is insured from the moment it leaves me as a breeder.

I have som experiences with health insurance that I would be happy to share with you when you come to visit the puppy.


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