Dronning Mulan

Queen Mulan

Daughter of Godt’s Coton Nero & Kennlyn’s Coton Ice-Cream.

Mulan has no fancy name from a kennel, but she is still royal. She is without doubt the queen at our place. She is in charge according to herself.

She has quite a personality, which often causes us to smile or shake our heads. Just the way she walks indicates how much personality she has. She walks like a royalty, and it is always in her own speed. She still listens to us, but she likes to dictate how fast things should go.

She can do all kinds of tricks. She can dance, walk in between our legs, look like she is dead etc. the puzzle by Nina Ottesen she also solves in no time. She is extremely good at agility, almost too good. She has a hard time waiting and loves to just do it by herself.

If it rains, she pees in the greenhouse so she does not get wet. I have tons of weird stories about things Mulan has done.

She is the favourite of the grandparents and she can get them to do anything for her. She is totally happy when they come to visit or when she goes to visit them.

She is becoming an old lady, but you do not feel that when being around her. She is still very crazy about playing games, and she never says no to playing with the toys, where I run around the house to catch her.


Born: 28.10.2005

Healt information:

Patella luxation 0/0

Eyetested without notice


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